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Life Groups

Life Groups

Morning Glory

This is an Adult Life Group that caters to those individual believers who are seeking a closer walk with the Lord. This group is designed to help believers form a foundation for their Christian faith by discovering the attributes of Jesus, His purpose for them as individuals, and His purpose for the church. This group is open for all to attend and meets every Sunday morning at 9:30am.

Men's Monday

Each Monday a group of men meet to share life together through the study of God's Word. This group consists of men of all ages and life experiences. The group is open to any man who may be seeking to find a fellowship of brothers to help him on this journey of manhood. The lessons are all male-centered to help brothers understand their position as leaders. It is essential that those who participate in this group understand and abide by our code of confidentiality. Through Men's Monday many men have come to understand the impact they can make as they walk in their calling as Kingdom men.

Tuesday Night Teaching (TNT)

Mature believers have the opportunity to experience a lesson on theology at a pace that may be too fast for the average believer. This class is designed for the student needing a more in-depth study of the Word of God. The spiritual principles and theological concepts taught in this group are not for the new believer. This is an open group and available to any believer seeking more than the average Bible study. This group helps the believer to move from head knowledge of scriptures to a life application of scriptures.

Women's Wednesday

Each Wednesday a group of women meet to fellowship and study the word of God together. This group seeks to create a sisterhood among women that will support them during their struggles in life. This group is open to the public but it is essential that those who participate in this group understand and abide by our code of confidentiality. Each meeting session is designed around the needs and concerns of women. Women who share in this group have found a sense of sisterhood and spiritual encouragement through their fellowship with other women of God.

C.O.G Ministry (Children Of God Ministry)

The Children Of God Ministry is a ministry that seeks to serve children age birth to twelve and their families. The purpose of this ministry is to teach preschoolers and elementary children the key foundational truths about who God is, and who they are in relationship to God. We seek to develop the child by enabling and empowering the parents to become their primary faith teachers.

C.O.G Ministry meets every Sunday morning at 10:30AM.

Teens' Ministry (WOC)

Our goal is to guide and encourage our teens to have a personal and intimate relationship with Christ. We provide a safe haven for our teens to express themselves openly about issues they face at home, school and within society. We create an outlet for our teens to fellowship with one another while sharing and utilizing their relationship with Christ to face daily challenges, strengthen relationships at home, and make a positive impact in their communities. Teens' Ministry is every 3rd Sunday of the month.

S. W. A. T. Ministry

The S. W. A. T. (Singles with a Testimony) Ministry is a ministry dedicated to the development of maturity, character, integrity, and stability in the lives of single individuals at Full Counsel. We are not a dating service. We aim to assist the Singles in learning how to seek God first! We stress WHOLENESS as a MUST for a victorious life in Christ. Our method for achieving this is through prayer, holding each other accountable, and fellowship with one another. We realize that we can still have fun as singles in Christ! We want each single to know their purpose in God, know the importance of intimacy with God, and know that they are a unique invaluable person selected by God to be used in the advancement of His kingdom, especially in these end times.

FromBoysToMen Teen Ministry

FromBoysToMen Teen Ministry is committed to teaching, leading and guiding young males into being the Kingdom men God has called them to be. This ministry focuses on renewal of the mind, accountability, responsibility and forming a brotherhood. We will offer young men the tools they need to be productive citizens at home, church, school, the community and the work place in order to find their true identity while tapping into their spiritual gift(s).

Our Motto: You can't do right if you believing wrong.